You Come To Me by Christian Winipple

You Come to Me 2020

To just pursue pleasure for its own sake should be seen as:
Shouldn’t it? I’ve
never been one to one to tell you anything.
Or ask anything from you, have I?
Just flip on by
I would say, would be the best thing to do.
How do I even know you? What is a reverse
curse? I wish you a sudden change for the better.

The world, looking as it does so insecure and diminished,
I’ve got to tell you
you look fantastic.
You look really good
really vibrant and alive like, you pulse,
with the good balance of energy.
You stepped into a cold
rushing spring
on a
on a
summer day, you’re as sexy as a gypsy.
You’re as lithe and toned as some kid’s wet dream, you poet.

Anyway, Whitman was right when he said if it feels good do it.
But I’m No Authority on what anyone can get away with.
And I’ve always had a roll of fat, like so.

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Christian Winipple