One Word Enemy Christian Winipple

One Word Enemy

And for a while nobody said anything about it. So I went ahead and went about my business. Then one day some man walking next to me, just all friendly-like says, says ‘hey buddy man, I know that’s the truth, I’m just, we’re left out here on our own, and nobody protects me or you either, and you can’t trust the government and then on top of that they give you a bunch of safety rules. We got to pay attention to, isn’t that right? And I said “yeah, but they don’t ask the contractors to do anything too out of line,” because I said, I realized he was on the side of the factory. He was pretending to be a contractor but he was a factory hand, probably Security, trying to get me to admit that my attitude about safety was suspect. Get ready for that kind of thing.

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Christian Winipple